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Our way is the future way: holistic, sustainable, creative and fun.

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In every corporation five fundamental fields determine how well equipped a business is for the future. CREATING FUTURE developed a holistic approach to strengthen this fields, to strenthen corporations from the inside-out and outside-in. Our services are well curated to directly improve the performance in one of the fields while using synergetic effects to indirectly improve all other fields simultaneously. Therefore each of our services consolidates the base for long-lasting success.

Our Approach

We encourage companies to act now to create a better tomorrow.

Digitization and sustainability are fundamentally changing our economy and the way we live. We are inspired to make the most of it. We focus our efforts on using opportunities to change for the better.

CREATING FUTURE is your catalyst for a successful transformation.

Transformation happens the moment you start working with us. Our formats combine synergistic teams with the right methods. Following our agile and holistic approach, we’ll find better solutions together.

Successful transformation reaches across all levels. Therefore, we leverage our greatest strength—creativity—to shake up structures and enable agility. With strong visions we will unleash your employees’ motivation. We implement clear-sighted strategies in everyday practices, where the impact is felt deepest.

New experiences become tangible. This way, not only are innovative solutions developed, but they are also met with enthusiasm by a team that is eager to transform the company.

That is CREATING FUTURE. Inspire. Activate. Change.

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Andrej Isler

Founder, Chief FUTURE
Creative, Network Curation

Advisor, Counselor, Executive, and serial entrepreneur

Andrej Isler is the creative mastermind of CREATING FUTURE. He is internationally recognized for his visionary and creative brilliance, and has been shaking up the corporate world for the past 25 years.

His unparalleled experience, coupled with an ongoing search for progressive ideas, has allowed Andrej Isler to help brands and companies develop to their full potential. With his cooperative approach, Andrej Isler has built a wide-reaching network of experts across many different disciplines. Andrej Isler is the expert for FUTURE-Work and FUTURE-Developing.

Phillip Elliot

Head of FUTURE Change Management and Innovation

Phillip’s strong analytical mind led him to pursue a doctorate in mathematics. His intrinsic fascination for innovation and change drew him to the dynamic world of Silicon Valley, where he became involved in groundbreaking innovation projects. Phillip has successfully led numerous global companies through radical business transformations. He knows people are the heart of any innovation- therefore social competencies and empathy are always an integral element of his work. 

Phillip’s skills and experience spearhead FUTURE innovation in challenging projects. 

Elsa Thomson

Senior FUTURE Project Manager, Facilitator

Elsa Thomson is a master of all matters conceptual, and has successfully led entire transformations in the digital sphere and company restructuring. The British-native takes charge of all logistical and organizational matters and is a strong team player. Her expertise in workshop design and moderation, along with her holistic vision and playful style of communication, render her especially adept at shaking up old structures. Elsa Thomson drives FUTURE work and FUTURE communications forward.

Sebastian Keen

Head of FUTURE Strategy Consulting

Sebastian Keen has been leading international businesses through complex challenges to success for years. With a master’s degree in Management, Technology, and Economy, the economist commands an impressive and finely-tuned understanding of relevant sociological and economic trends. His unrivaled and profoundly rich experience has allowed him to achieve success across diverse projects.

His expertise is FUTURE energy, FUTURE mobility, and FUTURE digital society.